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California Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 bankruptcy laws in California are designed to eliminate debt and stop creditor harassment.

Included on this page is information about Chapter 7 bankruptcy laws in California, but if you want to take action today contact a local bankruptcy attorney.

Many people want more than just debt elimination. They want to protect their property and their future.

The bankruptcy laws allow for strong protections with what are known as “exemptions

When you speak with your California bankruptcy attorney, he or she can explain important Chapter 7 bankruptcy exemptions in the state in detail including:

Personal Property:

  • All ordinary and necessary household furnishings, appliances, clothing provisions and personal property are 100 percent exempt.
  • Up to $6,075 for jewelry and heirlooms.
  • Up to $6,075 for tools used in your business or trade.


California gives debtors a choice between the state law exemptions and a set of bankruptcy-only exemptions that mirror the bankruptcy code exemptions in the federal law when the California law was adopted.

Usually, homeowners chose the state law exemptions with a generous homestead exemption for equity in a primary residence.

Renters have other exemption options for equity in any kind of property.

Real or personal Property you occupy including a mobile home, boat, stock cooperative, community apartment, planned development or condo to $75,000.00 if single and not disabled; $100,000.00 for families if no other member has a homestead; $150,000 if age 65 or older, or physically or mentally disabled; $100,000 if 55 or older, single and earn under $15,000 or married and earn under $20,000 and creditors seek to force the sale of your home; sale proceeds exempt for 6 months after received (husband and wife may not double the amount and may file a homestead declaration.

Disclaimer: The general information presented on this website does not constitute the giving of legal advice. The law is complex, and the facts of your particular case may contain exceptions to general rules. You should avail yourself to the option of the free initial consulatation to discuss the particular facts in your case. Do not take action upon reliance of the information contained in this website without first conferring with a licensed attorney.
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